Write MDX

Smooth DOC uses MDX under the hood. A powerful markup language!

Use markdown syntax

MDX supports Markdown out of the box. Creating a page is easy as:

# Title of the page
Content of your page.

To learn more about markdown, see markdown cheatsheet.


Features like title, slug and navigation information take place in the frontmatter — a section present at the top of the markdown file written in YAML syntax.

title: Write MDX # Title of your page
slug: /docs/write-mdx/ # Slug of your page (uses file name as default)
section: Usage # Sidebar navigation group title
order: 2 # Order in the sidebar navigation group
Your page content...


To include a highlighted code snippet, use markdown code block syntax followed by language. Syntax highlighting is built-in thanks to Prism. Almost all languages are supported.

An example of code block:
const foo = 'bar'

Read React Live Editor Guide to learn how to create interactive examples.

Custom components

MDX allows you to include your own components. To do it, add an import statement directly in your MDX file and use your component.

name: Hello world
import { Button } from './Button'
# Hello world
Hello, I'm still a MDX file, but now I have a button component !
<Button onClick={() => { alert("You clicked me"); }}>Click me</Button>
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